About Us

Our Mission

We imagine a world where every freelance web developer and designer can build a sustainable recurring revenue business with turnkey websites.

Our Story


Matthew Rodela, one of our co-founders, developed a turnkey website platform on WordPress Multisite. It was a long and painful process and he learned a lot along the way. At the end, he had a great little side-business that earned a healthy recurring revenue and didn't require much effort to upkeep.


After running his turnkey for 3 years, Matthew decided to start teaching about how he built his turnkey website platform. Thus the Turnkey Websites Blueprint training program was born.


In early 2018 Asier, our other co-founder, began work on developing a plugin that would make it easier to change the UI/UX and onboarding experience of WordPress Multisite. This plugin was meant to specifically help those running a turnkey website platform.

In late 2018 Matthew and Asier joined forces to start KeyPress Media LLC, as a full-service one-stop-shop for plugins and training relating to turnkey WaaS.

2019 and Beyond

Now our focus has broadened. Our plugins are still designed specifically for turnkey websites, but now they are also fully compatible with single WordPress sites and can be great solutions for the average web professional to enhance the WordPress experience for their clients.

What's a WaaS?
WaaS stands for "Websites as a Service", and it's the idea that you can take the same business model that has been so successful for the SaaS industry and apply it to your website services.

In other words, you automate the process of website delivery and leave it in the hands of your customers to build out their site on your platform.

The WaaS concept is that heart of what our plugins are built for. Read more about the WaaS concept.

Our Development Philosophy

At KeyPress media we take a multisite-first approach to plugin development. That means all of our plugins are purpose-built to enhance the experience of multisite admins and users, while still being useful for single installs.

Our Founders

KeyPress Media LLC was founded by two website consultants who understand the untapped potential of the turnkey website business model.


Asier Moreno Pascuas

Co-founder, Lead Developer


Matthew Rodela

Co-founder, Training & Marketing