DNS Manager 1.1: ClouDNS, bulk record updates, and many interface improvements

We’ve been busy here at KeyPress implementing some new features and making overall improvements to the DNS Manager plugin.

ClouDNS Integration

We’ve now fully integrated with ClouDNS, brining the total number of DNS services that our plugin works with to three: Amazon Route 53, Google DNS and now ClouDNS.

ClouDNS Integration
ClouDNS now integrates with KeyPress DNS Manager

We wanted to focus on integrating ClouDNS because it appears to be the most affordable option of the major 3rd party DNS providers.

Next up on our list is Cloudflare and then DNS Made Easy.

Updates and Improvements

We also rolled out some much needed feature updates and improvements in this version.

Bulk Record Updates

The primary reason we developed this plugin in the first place was to make it easy and seamless to switch your multisite between hosts or IP addresses.

Now that’s possible with this release. You can now bulk-update the A records for all your zones. In other words, you can update the A records of all your customer’s subsites.

This is useful when migrating to a new host, or if your current host happens to change their IP address. In the past you’d have to ask all your subsite users to update the DNS records on their own DNS provider. Now you don’t have to both your customers at all when moving hosts or IPs.

Getting Started page

We realized there were quite a few steps that needed to be accomplished in order to set up our plugin. Instead of keeping those steps hidden away in our documentation we decided to bring them into the plugin in the form of a Welcome Screen:

DNS Manager welcome screen

This screen is the first thing you see when you install the plugin and it walk you through all the required, and optional, steps to get set up.

Adding and Managing Custom Nameservers

We’ve made some small improvements to how custom nameservers get created and managed in the plugin.

First, when you create a custom nameserver in our plugin, you’ll be greeted with a modal pop-up that describes how to create the glue records needed to ensure the custom nameserver works properly.

Custom Name Server modal window
Custom Name Server modal window

We’ve also added tags to the end of your zones so you can see which is your primary zone (if you delete this zone your main site will go down!) and which are using custom nameservers (if you delete your custom nameservers, these sites will stop working).

Zone tags
Zone tags

Flexible record creation

Finally, we’ve spent a lot of time making sure that all universal DNS records are covered by our plugin, so you can create all of the following records:

  • A
  • AAAA
  • CAA
  • MX
  • NS
  • PTR
  • SPF
  • SRV
  • TXT

Each field for each record type has clear explanations so you know what should be entered.

Adding a CAA record in DNS Manager
Adding a CAA record in DNS Manager

This was surprisingly challenging because every DNS manager’s API has a unique way of identifying and handling these different records, but we took great pains to make sure that the way you add these records in our plugin remains consistent regardless of the DNS service you’re using. This gives you the flexibility to seamlessly switch to a different domain management service if you want.

So, there you have it, a summary of some of the latest changes available in DNS Manager 1.1.

What’s Next?

Next on the horizon for this plugin we have integrations with Cloudflare and DNS Made Easy. Plus we’ll be working on adding the ability to detect and copy DNS settings from another provider (great for seamlessly transitioning your customers from their current DNS solution) and allowing your customers to edit their own DNS settings (with granular permissions so you can choose who gets access).

Until then, keep on building!

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