DNS Manager 1.3: DNS Made Easy support

The latest version of DNS Manage plugin has been released. This one comes with many small improvements and a new 3rd party DNS integration!

DNS Made (not so) Easy

Our big update this time around is integration with DNS Made Easy. We hoped to have this done over a month ago, but DNS Made Easy’s API had different plans.

The DNSME API was not the best documented API in the world, so we spent a lot of time with trial and error (and contacting support) figuring out exactly what was required to make it work.

Another downside that actually turned into an upside is that DNSME made our plugin very slow. That’s because the API requires multiple calls for every action. But the upside is that it forced us to implement a caching system in our plugin which will actually make all of our DNS integrations faster. So…yay for that?!

All of the above meant further delays to getting DNSME integrated. But we’re happy to say it’s finally happened.

Now we’ve reached the end of our integration road map (for now) and can work on other features. If you still have a DNS provider that you want to see us integrate with, we’re happy to give it a look and possibly add it to the roadmap. Just let us know on our feedback board.

Other 1.3 Improvements

We also added some features to make it easier to manage your zones and nameservers. Things like better search, bulk delete, and paginated lists make managing a large list of records much easier.

With our lock feature, we made it harder for you to take your whole network down by accidentally deleting your primary zone!

Version 1.2.2

We also made a few notable updates in our prior version, 1.2.2 that are worth noting.

Edit WP Ultimo’s domain mapping metabox texts

For those of you who use WP Ultimo to provision and sell subsites on your multisite network, you now have the ability to edit the messaging around WP Ultimo’s domain mapping box to better match your process.

This is perfect for updating the language around changing A records, since that is no longer needed with our plugin. So instead we provide a message telling the user to update their name servers instead.

But we give you the ability to edit all of the fields around domain mapping so that you can create a truly custom experience for your users.

Fix for hosts that don’t support wildcard subdomains

When running a multisite network, we assume your host supports wildcard subdomains, or the ability to create any subdomain automatically.

If you run into problems creating subdomains, we’ve implemented a feature that will automatically create a new CNAME record in your DNS zone whenever a new subsite is created.

Visit our changelog for a complete list of updates.

Coming Soon…

Next on the roadmap is to implement a way for you and your customers to lookup and copy over their existing DNS records in order to ensure a smooth transition onto your platform.

Also, we’ll be integrating more granular permissions so you can allow your customers access to edit certain parts of their DNS settings without giving them the ability to edit everything.

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