KeyPress DNS Manager

Control DNS Settings From Inside Your WordPress Dashboard


Connect your WordPress dashboard with a compatible managed DNS provider to create zones and records for you customer's websites directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Integrate with Your Favorite DNS Providers

Why DNS Manager?

Key Benefits of DNS Manager Include:

Never Leave WordPress

Manage DNS settings all from within WordPress. No need to go back and forth while setting up your sites.

Multisite Optimized

Manage DNS records for all your networks sites and bulk update to make changes all at once. Automatically create DNS zones for the domains your customers map to their subsites with WP Ultimo.

Make Support a Breeze

By managing your customer's DNS you never have to worry about chasing down DNS credentials or trying to explain the difference between an A record and a CNAME!

Complete Feature List:

Manage DNS records for single installs

Manage DNS records on multisite

Create new zones

Create White Label Name Servers when available

Set default records for new zones in multisite

Full integrated with WP Ultimo

Bulk update DNS records in multisite

Import previous DNS records (Cloudflare only)

Add or Edit records (A, AAAA, CAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SPF, SRV, TXT)

Compatible with Cloudflare's performance and security enhancements

Automatically creates new zones when you add a new site to your multisite network

Allow your customers to edit their own DNS records (coming soon)

Use Cases

Not sure how to best use DNS Manager? Here are some examples of how you can harness the power of controlling your DNS settings in WordPress.

Single Zone, Single WordPress Install

Make it easy to manage your own (or clients) website DNS settings from within WordPress.

Multiple Zones, Single WordPress Install

Manage all your clients DNS settings from' within your own WordPress website. You can add multiple DNS zones in the plugin to manage multiple websites.

Multiple Zones, WordPress Multisite Migration

Easily manage DNS settings for all websites in your multisite environment. Makes it easy to migrate your network to another host or DNS provider.

Integrate with WP Ultimo

The plugin integrates with the WP Ultimo domain mapping process to automate DNS record creation.

DNS Manager Unlimited


Use on Unlimited Sites

Use on Unlimited Multisite Networks

1 Year of Support

1 Year of Updates

20% Renewal Discount


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DNS Manager Multisite


Use on Unlimited Sites

Use on 1 Multisite Network

1 Year of Support

1 Year of Updates

20% Renewal Discount


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DNS Manager Single


Use on 1 Site

1 Year of Support

1 Year of Updates

20% Renewal Discount


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Requires PHP 7.2+ and WordPress 4.4+ 

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