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Manage DNS Settings in WordPress

Lifetime Licenses currently available for a limited time!

This plugin is currently in beta. You should not use it on live sites. 

NOTE: Requires an Amazon Route 53 or ClouDNS(coming soon!) subscription. If you use a different managed DNS service let us know and we'll look into adding it!

Gone are the days of asking your customers to update their A records anytime your network's IP address changes. Take control of your customer's DNS settings and domain management becomes a breeze.

With DNS Manager, you'll connect your WordPress dashboard with a compatible managed DNS provider to create zones and records for you customer's websites directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Completely automate the process with WP Ultimo. Anytime your customer maps a domain, the DNS zone and records will automatically be created.

Then you simply ask your customers to update their name servers to your branded NS and you're all set!


Current Version: 0.9.0

Compatibility: both single install and multisite

License: Use on unlimited installs, Lifetime support and updates

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Key Features:

  • Manage DNS records for your entire multisite nework in one place.
  • Create your own White Label Name Servers.
  • Automate zone record creation with WP Ultimo domain mapping.
  • Allow your customers to edit their NS records (coming soon).
  • Sell domain names (coming soon).
  • NOTE: Requires an Amazon Route 53 or ClouDNS subscription.

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