Manage DNS Settings in WordPress

NOTE: This plugin is meant to be used by webmasters and advanced administrators. It requires a 3rd-party managed DNS service such as Amazon Route 53, Google Cloud DNS, ClouDNS, Cloudflare DNS or DNS Made Easy (coming soon!). 

Gone are the days of asking your customers to update their A records anytime your network's IP address changes. Take control of your customer's DNS settings and domain management becomes a breeze.

With DNS Manager, you'll connect your WordPress dashboard with a compatible managed DNS provider to create zones and records for you customer's websites directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Completely automate the process with WP Ultimo. Anytime your customer maps a domain, the DNS zone and records will automatically be created.

Then you simply ask your customers to update their name servers to your branded NS and you're all set!

Use Cases

This plugin simply provides an easy-to-use interface so that you can manage a website's DNS from within the WordPres dashboard. It may sound simple, but this functionality can come in handy in many ways:

  • Use Case #1 - Single Zone, Single WordPress Install:  Make it easy to manage your own (or clients) website DNS settings from within WordPress.
  • Use Case #2 - Multiple Zones, Single WordPress Install: Manage all your clients DNS settings from' within your own WordPress website. You can add multiple DNS zones in the plugin to manage multiple websites.
  • Use Case #3 - Multiple Zones, WordPress Multisite Migration: Easily manage DNS settings for all websites in your multisite environment. Makes it easy to migrate your network to another host.
  • Use Case #4 - Integrate with WP Ultimo: The plugin integrates with WP Ultimo so you can easily manage and migrate your turnkey website system.


Billed yearly until cancelled

Current Version: 1.2.1

Compatibility: both single install and multisite

License: Use on unlimited installs, 1 Year support and updates

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Key Features:

  • Manage DNS records for your entire multisite network in one place.
  • Create your own White Label Name Servers.
  • Automate zone record creation with WP Ultimo domain mapping.
  • Bulk update DNS records in multisite.
  • Allow your customers to edit their NS records (coming soon).
  • Sell domain names (coming soon).
  • NOTE: Requires an Amazon Route 53, Google Cloud DNS, CloudDNS or CloudFlare subscription.

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