Gain full control over default WordPress UI elements

Finally you can have complete control over all of the admin menus in your WordPress dashboard with the KeyPress UI Manager Plugin.

Completely Customize the Customizer!

Not only does UI manager allow you to edit your admin and toolbar menus, but it's the first plugin on the market to give you an easy interface to edit the WordPress customizer menu. Now you can drag and drop to arrange, show and hide, rename, change colors, and add icons to menu items and sub-menu items.



Easy Familiar Interface

Don't you hate plugins that don't look like they belong in WordPress? So do we!

We use the native WordPress drag-and-drop interface that you're used to seeing in the Widgets and Menu screen in so that you'll know how to use our plugin right out of the box.

No other plugin makes it this easy to edit admin menus!

UI Manager's Dashboard Interface

Powerful Filtering Options

While it's easy to get up and running with UI Manager, we give you the power to have granular control over how your menus look and when they appear.

Using our "Views" and "Rules" systems, you can save menu configurations for all sorts of scenarios. This becomes even more powerful on WordPress Multisite where you can show different menus to users depending on:

  • Role
  • User
  • Theme
  • Sub-site (multisite only)
  • WP Ultimo plan (multisite only)

Optimized For Multisite, Perfect for Single Installs

We specifically built this plugin with WordPress Multisite admins in mind. In fact, it's the only plugin that allows you to edit the menus of the network admin, main site and subsites all separately.

But the plugin also works well in single install environments. Use it to help customize your turnkey website system and also use it as a tool for your individual client projects.

Billed once per year until cancelled

Current Version:

Compatibility: both single install and multisite

License: Use on unlimited installs, 1 Year support and updates

System Requirements: PHP 7.0+ and WordPress 4.4+

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Key Features:

  • Reorder, rename, hide, and create new user interface items in the WordPress admin area.
  • Display your changes to users based user roles, username, active theme, subsite, or WP Ultimo plan.
  • Assign custom CSS classes to menu items.
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

UI areas that you can manage include:

  • Admin Menu
  • Admin Toolbar
  • Customizer
  • Dashboard
  • Admin Screens (coming soon)
  • Post/Page Editor¬†(coming soon)

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