KeyPress UI Manager

Simplify and rebrand the WordPress admin area for yourself and your clients.

The UI Manager Plugin is no longer available for sale. We currently recommend Ultimate Dashboard Pro to edit and rebrand the WordPress dashboard.

Custom WordPress Dashboard by UI Manager
Custom WordPress Dashboard by UI Manager
Custom WordPress Dashboard by UI Manager

With the KeyPress UI Manager Plugin you finally have complete control over the WordPress admin area so you can make it your own. UI Manager is the most powerful and flexible way to edit, brand, and style the WordPress back-end.

Completely Change the Style of the WordPress Admin Dashboard 

Give your clients an experience they'll never forget. Whether you want to rearrange a few menu items to make WordPress more intuitive, or completely rebrand the dashboard to make it your own, UI Manager is the tool for the job.

Our new live preview feature allows you to see your design changes on the dashboard in real time!

custom wordpress dashboard
wordpress admin menu editor

Edit Admin Areas with an Easy Drag and Drop Interface

Don't you hate plugins that don't look like they belong in WordPress? So do we!

We use the native WordPress drag-and-drop interface that you're used to seeing in the Widgets and Menu screen so that you'll know how to use our plugin right out of the box.

No other plugin makes it this easy to edit admin menus!

Completely Customize
the Customizer!

UI Manager is the only dashboard branding plugin that allows you to edit the WordPress customizer menus.

Give your client's a streamlined experience by hiding confusing options and making the experience more visually appealing with icons and colors.

KeyPress UI Manager Rules

Granular Control with Powerful Filtering Options

While it's easy to get up and running with UI Manager, under the hood we give you the power to take granular control over how your UI elements look and when they appear.

Using our "Views" and "Rules" systems, you can save menu configurations for all sorts of scenarios. This becomes even more powerful on WordPress Multisite. You can show different menus to users depending on:

  • User Role
  • Username
  • Theme
  • Sub-site (multisite only)
  • WP Ultimo plan (multisite only)

Optimized For Multisite,
Perfect for Single Installs

We built this plugin with WordPress Multisite admins in mind. In fact, it's the only plugin that allows you to edit the menus of the network admin, main site and subsites all separately.

But the plugin also works well in single install environments. Use it to help customize your website networks or use it to brand the WordPress dashboard for your individual client projects.

Admin Menu in Multisite

UI Manager Modules

Easily change different aspects of the WordPress admin. With our modular approach you can only enable the features you need.


Admin Menu

Reorder, rename, hide, and create new menu items for the admin menu.



Reorder, rename, hide, and create new menu items separately for the front-end and back-end toolbar menu.



Reorder, rename, and hide items in the WordPress visual customizer.



Completely white label the WordPress admin area by uploading your logo and changing the look and style.



Reorder, rename, hide, or edit default WordPress Dashboard widgets. You can also create your own custom dashboard welcome box and widgets.

Why Our Customers Love Us


Andrew Peters

"I love Keypress' UI Manager. It's changed how I go about customizing admin areas on every site I work with. I use it everywhere!"


Tim Colling

"Thumbs up for Keypress UI Manager! I just started using it and it works very well."


Jason Westbrook

"Looks great! Wow so impressed! [...] Love the plugin very much!"


Albert Swank

"Great support. Plugin is working fantastic. Had the admin interface for subsites configured the way I wanted within minutes."


Paul Cress

"I've known about the KeyPress UI Manager plugin for a while but I finally just got a chance to take a close look and I'm lovin' it!!"


Jake Hawkes

"I am really loving this plugin [...] it is really fun to use!"


Mohd Affandy

"Thank you very much for your top notch support! We are now ready to launch because of you!"

The UI Manager Plugin is no longer available for sale. We currently recommend Ultimate Dashboard Pro to edit and rebrand the WordPress dashboard.

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